Change Orders*


Q: What are change orders? 

A: Change orders are ANY changes to the scope of work described in the original contract. Sometimes it's due to required repairs that are not foreseeable ( faulty plumbing behind a wall, or water damaged sub-floor underneath flooring). Sometimes it's due to the home owner changing the scope of work or upgrading material half way through the project. and sometimes it's due to dishonest ways of some contractors.

Q: How does BEN's REMODELING promise NO change orders? 

A: We hate unforeseen expenses also, so we promise NO change orders, unless due to the following: 

- Any change in scope of work or upgrade in material requested by owner

- Any required repair to structural members of the house not described in original contract (Foundation, floor joists, load bearing walls, roof)

- Explicitly described in original contract 


Q: We want to remodel our Kitchen / Bathroom / Basement, but have no idea where to start..

A: First establish your needs and wants. Then research pricing for different options and find your comfort zone. You can visit stores and online shops to get an idea of material options and costs. Then contact several contractors to visit your home and provide you with a proposal. 

Q: How does BEN's REMODELING make this process easier for me? 

A: We spend our first visit listening to your goals and will ask key questions to create project parameters. Once we mutually decide on the best option, we will guide you through the design process, material selection and details  of production. Each project is unique, but we are with you every step of the way!

Budget / Design

Q: I do not wish to disclose my budget, why is this so important?

A: We ask for a rough budget, so that we can offer appropriate solutions. Designs and material that exceed your allocated budget only cloud your judgement. 

Q: I am shopping for the best deal and do not have a budget in mind..

A: In this case, the more professional approach is to establish your requirements and have all contractors you feel comfortable working with bid on the same scope of work.

Crews / Project Manager

Q: What is the difference between in-house crews and sub-contractors?

A: There is a misconception that in-house employees do a better job than subcontractors. The truth is that when selected with care, sub-contractors are more efficient and skilled at their job. As long as a dedicated project manager takes ownership of his responsibilities, the benefits of in-house crews vs. subs are limited for the home owner. Our project managers closely manage all of our projects.


Q: Who is responsible for obtaining necessary permits for our project?

A: We will obtain necessary permits for your project and provide you with a copy, including a copy of all inspection reports.

Q: Are you willing to do the job without permits? 

A: We do not start any project without the appropriate permits and we strongly advise against working with any contractor who offers to work without required permits. Put your safety and peace of mind first!

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